Taipei | Taiwan


Hi everyone!

The third and last stop on my Taiwan trip was to the capital, Taipei.

After being in the rural areas for so long, it was refreshing to finally be in the big city. I loved all the cities that we spent time in, but Taipei was very different from the others.

I have to say, the subway system was so efficient and handy, and our hotel was right next to a station.

Seeing all the students on the subway made me think about how my life would be like if I went to school in Taiwan or China. I always wonder how I and my life would be different as a result.

On the first day, we went to a memorial and the 401 night market. The second day, we went to Taipei 101, a musuem, and the night market once again (for dinner). On the third day we only spent half a day in Taipei shopping before heading to China.

I really enjoyed my trip in Taiwan; there are actually quite a few vegans living in Taiwna, which made eating pretty easy for me. I did eat some non vegan bread a couple of times since I had nothing to eat at the places my family were eating at (traveling with meat eaters ;_;). I'll be making a blog post about the vegan foods I ate in Taiwan very soon.

I hope to visit Taiwan again soon; it was a beautiful country with many different attributes. ^^

Thank you for reading!

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