Yuchi Township | Taiwan


Hi everyone,

Today's blog post will be about the second place I visited in Taiwan, Yuchi Township.

The first place I visited within Yuchi Township was the Sun Moon Lake. It was extremely beautiful; the water was very clean and blue. The weather here was also a bit cooler compared to Kenting.

Right after we got off of the bus, a boat company's spokesperson approached, telling us their amazing deal for riding their boat. We bought the tickets but ended up regretting it, as we later saw a deal for boat rides for a third of the price. If you visit Taiwan, be aware that there will be people who target tourists, trying to make money.

We spent most of the day traveling from Kenting to the lake. We spent the rest of the day and half of the next day near the lake. The first day we walked around the lake and the town we were staying in. The next day, we visited various attractions around the lake.

Later that day, we set out to drive to Hualien. We passed through mountains that reach up to over 3000 meters. I actually got very carsick at the top of the mountains.

Driving through the mountains was a little terrifying, since sometimes you can't see other cars approaching due to the very swift curves. However, the mountains are really beautiful and the temperature is nice and cool.

Driving from the Sun Moon Lake to Hualien took us about 8 hours (including the many times we stopped to take pictures). We spent a night in Hualien then set off for Taipei, which will be featured in my next blog post.

Thank you for reading!

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