Kenting | Taiwan


Hi everyone!

I got back from my trip to Asia a couple days ago so the blog posts about my travels are starting. The first place we went was Kenting ( 墾丁) Nation Park in Taiwan.

After the 12 hour flight, my dad and I landed in Taoyuan airport, which is the largest international airport in Taiwan. We met up with my grandpa and spent a night there at a nearby hotel. The next day we took the high speed railway and a bus to Kenting, which is at the southern end of Taiwan.

The weather was extremely hot and humid; I constantly felt sticky. On the first day in Kenting, we went to the beach nearby and took a couple of photos then ate dinner. We spent most of the day getting there, so we didn't do much.

The second day, we took a tour of all the popular attractions in Kenting. The large rock in the third picture above is named after Nixon because it apparently looks like his face. As we drove, we stopped at scenic places to take pictures. It was extremely windy at the top of the hills we were at. Though I didn't take any pictures of it, we visited the Eluanbi Lighthouse and also rode in a boat that was halfway submerged in water to look at the marine wildlife. The second to last stop was another scenic spot, featuring a rock that looks like a cat with open jaws (not in the pictures above). The final stop was near another beach, and we relaxed by drinking coffee and smoothies.

So that covers the first three days that I spent in Taiwan. Stay tuned for the next few blog posts about the rest of my trip. :)

Thanks for reading!

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