Hi everyone,

First off, I'm sorry I wasn't able to put up a blog post on Monday. I just came back from my trip from Asia so from here on out, I'll have many blog posts about my trip.

I wanted to address the recent events that occurred in Florida. I am not personally connected to any of the victims but my heart is broken. The pain the families of the victims must feel is unimaginable to me.

What frustrates me the most is the lack of gun control in our country. I personally support a ban on guns, but I know many people would argue vehemently against that. I understand that criminals will get their hands on guns, even if there is a ban. However, it would be ideal if obtaining a gun was more difficult.

The man who murdered 50 people at the nightclub in Orlando had been under FBI investigation in the past for ties to terrorism. However, he was still able to obtain a gun. This fact infuriates me to no end. I cannot understand how this is possible. Many of the people who claim to only want to keep out terrorists also support arming people with terrorist links, simply with a little bit of bribing from the NRA.

Of course, the lack of gun control is not the only factor. The shooter must have been extremely messed up, to say the least, to wish to end other lives. People he didn't even know. The stigma around mental health needs to end and proper care for mental health needs to be available to all.

Those victims could've been us. Everyone is at risk. We need a change. Call or email your senator today to voice your dissatisfaction. Text 'Disarm hate' to the number 64433 and you will be directed to your senator's message box.

Although it doesn't change what has happened, my heart goes out to the victims' families.

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