Day in my Life #3


Hi everyone! Back after a week of no blog posts. Went kind of blog crazy last week..

1. I was supposed to go to volunteer today but I decided not to go today, so I called in "sick"... I know I'm a rebel.

Today was my friend's last day at the SAT class that I'm going to so I wanted to come to the morning class because she takes the morning class (also I have no friends in the afternoon class so generally it's not fun haha). In order to come I ended up skipping volunteer but it was so worth it! She was so sweet and gave me and our other friends a little back of goodies with a little note. I totally forgot to take a pic of the goodies, and I've already eaten all of them, but I managed to take a pic of the note she gave us. I doubt she's reading this but thank you so much! SAT class is not the most fun experience but every day in class we were always laughing so much.

2. I ate some lunch after my class at a Chinese restaurant which I love and I've been there so many times. Forgot to take a pic of that too..

3. My sister and my mom went to a spa but I, sadly, stayed home and chilled. I was supposed to be doing homework but I ended up procrastinating most of the time.. I lazed around until they came back and ate dinner. :)

4. Today there is a blue moon:

Pretty cool. Looks like a normal moon but still pretty cool. :) Sorry the picture is kind of out of focus.

5. I found a frog in my backyard by the way... Avert your eyes if you hate frogs. 

And I took a pic of Gremlin sniffing it:

She really didn't care for it. This is also the first time your seeing Gremlin's new haircut!  Her fur has grown out a little but it's still pretty short compared to her old hair. 

So that's it for today! A lot of random events but hopefully you guys found this blog post interesting. Today was a bit bittersweet because I probably won't see my friend from class anymore but we had a lot of fun today. Also the frog discovery was pretty exciting. My blog post about Austria is going up next so be on the lookout for that! 

Have a great weekend!

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