Hi everyone!

So I'm finally posting my first blog post about my trip to Germany! Uploading the photos was a pain but I'm so glad I've finally finished. My trip this year was seriously the best trip I've ever gone on. In case you didn't know, I traveled to Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic about a month ago (this blog post is really late). These photos are from the first and second day of my trip. The next few blog posts are probably going to be the rest of trip. I have so many photos!

The photos above are from Heidelberg, Marienplatz, the Wassierpiel Linderhof palace, and Schwangau. We stayed in Frankfurt for the first two days. Our trip was kind of a road trip. My family rented a car and we drove to all of our destinations, from city to city.

I loved traveling on the road with my family; on the car we would just talk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Germany is so, so beautiful. Much of the road was beautiful farmlands and greenery. Looking back at these photos reminds me of the time spent in Europe and I feel very... peaceful? Nostalgic? Something like that.

We went to a lot of little towns (I'm not sure what they're actually called...) such as Schwangau. Some of the photos are blurry because I took them inside a moving car.

I still have a thousand more photos (literally) and I'll be sorting through them and posting them up the next few days/weeks. I'll also be posting some photos on Etherealm so be sure to check that out! I'll probably be posting the same photos but fewer. I can't tell if that sentence is grammatically correct.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post!

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