Austria | Salzburg


Hey guys!

I've been posting a lot about my life as well as my trip to Europe, but I will try to get some different blog posts up. I have a couple products to review and maybe some books? I haven't been reading many new books, unfortunately. If you have any good suggestions please let me know! Hope you guys have been enjoying the recent blog posts.

Austria, again, was so beautiful! I love the pastel buildings, which look similar to the buildings in Germany, but I feel that the buildings in Austria have a more Victorian style. The pictures I took were from Salzburg and Hallstatt. When we went to Hallstatt, I believe that day was a holiday because they were a lot of cannons going off from the boats.

If you guys ever plan to eat in Hallstatt make sure to make a reservation before hand because all of the restaurants are usually full. A lot of the restaurants were next to the lake so it was really peaceful and beautiful.

So that is it to my post about Austria. My next travel blog post will be about Vienna so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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