Day in my Life #2


Hi everyone!

So I'm doing another Day in my Life blog post. Hope you guys enjoy reading my rambles because these posts are really fun to write.

1. Went to SAT class this morning and took a practice test. I feel like I did better but also kind of nervous. Hopefully my premonition is accurate!

2. I'm finally on top of my blog posts! I've been pretty bad with blog posts, only posting like once a month. My Germany post went up today and I'm sorting through the rest of my pictures from Germany. After this post about the Konigsee I'll be posting about my trip to Austria.

3. I went to Yard House for dinner; it was so American!

I totally forgot to take picture of my food. :( I shared a Korean spare rib taco with my dad and also tried a bit of my sister's Black Truffle Cheeseburger. The food was pretty good. :)

4. I took a vocabulary quiz today at my class and I failed it. ;_; I'm going to have to retake the test tomorrow.

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