Day in my Life #1


Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts... again. I've been so bad at keeping up with blog posts because of the SAT class I'm taking. 

I was reading Cyra's (thismakeupgirl) blog and I seriously loved her "Facts of the Day" blog post. I want to do those kinds of blog posts but I'll call them "Day in my Life" starting with this post. ^_^

1. I'm currently working on my Germany blog post and it'll be up pretty soon (hopefully). I'm using the blogger app on my phone to work on these blog posts and its painstakingly slow.

2. There's currently a leak in my house and there are some people in my house fixing the leak. It's really awkward for me because I'm still in my pajamas walking around. 

3. I was going through my old photos on my phone and was trying to copy them onto my computer, but I ended up deleting 60 photos accidentally. -__- I can't find them in the recycle bin so I think I've lost them. Hopefully my dad already uploaded those photos onto his computer. I should probably utilize the photo stream but it's not connected to my laptop.

4. Okay I just finished my Germany blog post and I have it scheduled for tommorrow. :) Feeling accomplished.

5. It's so hot in my house! The leak wasn't fixed so there's this drying device that is drying the leak to prevent mold and it is making my house really hot. It's also pretty warm outside. 

6. It ended up raining today!

Kind of a bad pic but I wanted to include some pictures in this post haha.

Well that's about it for today. I was updating this blog all throughout today. I'm about to go to sleep now that I've finally finished my homework.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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