Hi everyone!

So I'm finally back. After school finished I went on a trip to Europe (which I will be blogging about) then I dived right into summer classes and volunteer. I'm really sorry for the lack of posts! :( This post about Philadelphia was supposed to be up in May but I'm only getting around to it now.

I stayed in Philadelphia for three days to attend my sister's graduation. I'm the younger sister but I felt so much pride when she graduated. I really admire her and the goals that she has accomplished. 

We didn't get to do a lot in Philadelphia because we only stayed for three days but it was really fun. I had already visited Philadelphia before so I didn't do much sightseeing. I did get a haircut (so random) and ate a lunch with my relatives that lived in Pennsylvania.

After the trip when we got back from the airport, our car had a flat tire so we didn't get home until 3 am in the morning. Besides this bump in the road, our trip was really fun. I'm very grateful we had a safe trip. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! My blog post about my trip to Europe will be up sometime.

Thanks for reading!

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