Sometimes Life is Gray


Hi everyone,

These past few days I've been feeling as though my content on this blog has not been at par with what I wanted when I first decided to daily blog. I was pretty satisfied with  my first two blog posts that I put up this month, but this week has been very gray.

By gray I mean dull, monotonous, and even depressing. My family is currently grieving a loss, and I've been feeling long bouts of anxiety. Practicing mindfulness has helped, but I still feel the anxiety creeping up on me when I'm not paying attention.

Even though I feel as though my life is in shades of gray these days, I want to document these times. I don't mean to be cheesy, but before every rainbow, there will always be a rain. Right now I'm not going through the most pleasant time of my life, but as always, things will get better. We just have to wait for the storm to pass.

For now, I will continue to practice mindfulness on a daily basis while waiting out the storm.

Thanks for reading,


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