Reading, Reading, Reading


I noticed that all of my recent blog posts are picture-less and boring, so I wanted to spruce things up. Here's a random, unrelated picture of a flower I took weeks ago. I also added some photos to my other posts. :)


Today was a pretty chill dayI lazed around most of the day, which I regret now. A quick summary of some really interesting things I did today:
1. Woke up, played computer games
2. Some SAT practice
3. Watched Youtube videos
4. Went for a 10 minute run with Gremlin
5.  Took a bath
6. Ate dinner with my mom, aunt, and cousin
7. Went on a walk
8. Did math homework

And now I'm blogging. I wanted to ramble about some of my favorite books, as well as what I'm currently reading.

A couple blog posts ago, I mentioned that I had given up on Isla and the Happily Ever After (that book was wack), and it was a good decision, as I have been assigned to read Huckleberry Finn for school.

I'm also rereading To All the Boys I've Ever Loved Before because the series' final book is coming out in a few months. I'm so excitedTo All the Boys I've Ever Loved Before is definitely my favorite contemporary novel I've read so far. I absolutely adore Lara Jean and love her quirky, vintage style.

That's going to be it for my ramble today, thank you for reading!


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