Christmas 2015



Hey everyone!

I'm finally making a blog post about my Christmas! I wanted to post this on Christmas Day but ended up procrastinating and generally being unproductive. I hope you all had a great Christmas and will have an awesome New Year's Day!

So for Christmas, my sister got me a lemon tree, which may seem like an interesting gift, but I love it so much. My dad and I actually planted it on Sunday so now it has a home. We got the tree from the farmers' market, and its called a eureka lemon tree. If the tree is successful with bearing lemons, maybe I'll make a blog post about how to cultivate it!

After getting the lemon tree, my family and I (plus Gremlin) went on a hike. I really wanted to go to this cute park that I mentioned before in a Day in my Life post. In this park there is a hiking trail which we went on. It actually led into this street that was filled with ranches and horses, which was really interesting and unexpected. There was basically another community (of horse ranchers) in this hiking trail.

After hiking, we stopped by a grocery store and got some ingredients for our dinner, hot pot. Dinner was (of course) really delicious but not the healthiest. The rest of the day I think I just relaxed.

This Christmas was probably one of the best I've had since my family and I actually did some activities together. I totally recommend going on a hike with your family; it is really fun.

Thank you all so much for reading! <3

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