Christmas Tree Decorating


Hi everyone! 

Yesterday my sister, mom, and I went tree shopping. Normally we don't get real trees for Christmas but this year, we decided we would get one. The type of tree we got is a noble fir.

I wanted to take more photos in between the decorating, but I totally forgot. Decorating was a lot of fun though, and the tree smells really nice. Our entire house is filled with the scent.

I'm finally on winter break although I'll be attending another prep class for the SAT. However, I'm so glad to be free from school and spend time with my family. I actually haven't blogged in such a long time; all of the blog posts you guys have been reading from the last two weeks were scehduled. I have a lot of new blog post ideas planned, so stay on the look out!

I hope you all have an amazing holiday season and stay healthy. Thank you so much for reading!

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