Vienna | Part 2


Hey guys!

This is my second blog post about my time in Vienna, Austria. We spent quite a while in Vienna so I split this blog post into to.

I still have so many photos from my trip that I'll be continuing to post on my blog. My next blog post will probably be something different because I don't want to overwhelm you guys with too many photos.

The places we visited included the Volksgarten which is part of the Hofburg Imperial Palace, Demel Konditorei, Der Graben, and the Karlskirche. The cake we ate was from Hotel Sacher. I forgot the name of the restaurant we ate at in the last picture, but it was in 10. Berzik, Favoriten. The portions of the food were HUGE. We ordered 4 dishes for 4 people and we had so much leftover food. We probably would've been full just sharing two dishes together. We ended up with a bunch of leftover food and fries which weren't very good the next day. So if you guys ever try this restaurant, make sure not to order too much! x) Also, a cat was wandering around and decided to join us for a minute.

Again, Vienna is so beautiful! The palace we visited was so interesting to learn about and tour. The garden was amazing. We ate so much good food and had a lot of fun. Thinking back on those times, I wish I could travel back in time and be in Europe again!

So that concludes my time in Austria. The next place we visited was Czech Republic so be sure to look out for those posts! I'll have some different posts up before I continue with my Europe trip blogs.

Thanks for reading!

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