Vienna | Austria


Hi everyone!

These pictures are from my time in Vienna, the city of music. Sorry for being MIA for two weeks. School just started and I had already finished this blog post but didn't upload it. ;_;

I visited several palaces in Vienna where tourists could walk inside and tour the interior. The decor is set up and all the rooms are decorated beautifully, as they would be back when the royal family lived there hundreds of years ago. During these palace tours, the visitors are given a audio guide which explains the history behind the room and the members of the royal family. It was super informative and really interesting. I would definitely recommend checking them out! Unfortunately I couldn't take photos inside but the decor was really beautiful.

The first palace we toured was the Schonbrunn Palace which belonged to the royal family hundreds of years ago. The second building is the Maria-theresian-platz and Memorial, not a palace and we did not go inside. It had beautiful gardens outside that we enjoyed. In my next post you guys will be able to see the second palace that I toured in Vienna. :)

We ate at a restaurant close to the memorial and it was surprisingly very good! It was actually one of my favorite restaurants that we ate at during the entire trip. The final picture is a picture of a very expensive lemonade that I got at a mall. I didn't really understand the menu (since it was in German) and the drink ended up being 8 euros. It was good though..

That's all for today. I'll be scheduling some blog posts to be posted during this week so I don't disappear for two weeks again. Thanks for reading!

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