Messages From the Heart│Jewelry Review


This jewelry collection is very beautiful and I love so many of the pieces. I picked up two of the necklaces, the Snowflake necklace and "There Will Always Be Paris" necklace. I love both pieces of jewelry and love the design. The snowflake necklace came with the little sign that I think is so adorable. I've actually hung it up because it goes with the colors in my room. ;) The second piece of jewelry is the Eiffel tower necklace and I adore the little cork bottle design. I think this necklace has such a beautiful and whimsical design. This necklace is 30 inches long and had a adjusting chain that fell off, so the quality of the chain is not the best. The bottle's cork is glued to the plastic bottle and has a cute little ribbon. This necklace came in the box packaging which I really like. I think these necklaces would make fantastic holiday gifts. Both necklaces costed about 11 dollars each.

Overall, I really like these necklaces. I think the quality is not the best but they are very beautiful and the packaging is so adorable. ^__^

I hope you enjoyed my review on the jewelry pieces! Thanks for reading.

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