Food Diary: Thai Food


One of my absolute favorite cuisines is Thai food. Of course, I'm not claiming at all that my palette is any bit refined: I'm that generic girl who orders a Pad Thai every single time at every single restaurant.

That being said, I've recently tried two different types of Pad Thai... (wow I know)

The first was at My Vegan, a vegan Thai restaurant. I, of course, got the Pad Thai, while my dad got the spicy ramen, which he much preferred to that nasty salad situation at Veggie Grill. His words (not exactly), not mine.

Not to mention, the day we happened to walk into this restaurant, there was a buy one get one free Thai Iced Tea deal, which made me just about the happiest girl in the world. It had been such a long time since I had Thai tea, and it was delicious.

I loved this restaurant: the taste was on point. This Pad Thai was probably the best Pad Thai I had ever tried.

Don't you just love this lovely low quality pic? I know I do.
The second was from the Royal Siam Cuisine Thai Restaurant. My family and I stopped by to grab some lunch on our way to Joshua Tree Park. This restaurant is not vegan, but the dishes, for the most part, can all be made vegan.

While this Pad Thai was quite good, it wasn't my favorite--the sauce and noodles just weren't quite to my liking.

All in all, both restaurants do serve up some pretty nice dishes, and both would be a great stop for some Thai food.

Now I'm very hungry.


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