Food Diary: Veggie Grill


For months I had heard of this heaven for vegans called Veggie Grill. So many people had told me of its glory. And I finally got to savor its splendor... about a half a year ago.

Since my first Santa Fe Crispy Chicken Sandwich, I've been to Veggie Grill twice more: once for my friend's birthday and once when I was touring colleges in LA.

Here are some lovely foods I've tried:

Buffalo Wings
Yes that is my finger on the left because I am indeed a professional blogger.
Koreatown Tacos

Santa Fe Crispy Chicken Sandwich

 Beyond Burger

I included shots of the food the people with me ordered as well. The last two shots are of the "burger that bleeds"--the first which was enjoyed by my friend + co. and the second by me during my LA trip.

During my LA trip, my dad also ate a tofu salad sort of situation that he did  not like one bit,

Besides my dad's unfortunate dish, all of the foods above were great choices from the menu. The fake meat is spot on and their fries are super yummy.

Stay tuned for more of my food diaries!


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