Cruelty-Free Beauty Haul


Hi everyone! I'm finally back after a month of absence. These past few weeks have been very tiring and stressful, but I'm finally on break, so I have time to blog again.

Today's post will be a haul of some cruelty-free beauty products, which I purchased from and Ulta. By the way, sorry for the bad lighting; it was raining when I took the photos.

First off I got this shampoo from Jason which claims to promote hair growth and strong hair. I've tried the Biotin shampoo from Jason, which I liked, but it had a strong baby powder smell. Hopefully, this shampoo will smell better.

Next, I got this conditioner from Jason; I really like Jason's products. I've tried the gluten-free conditioner from Jason, which, again, I liked, but I do hope this one has a nice smell.

I got another pressed powder; I actually still have one of these wet n wild powders in my bathroom that I'm using up. This powder is just a standard pressed powder, nothing too special here. I do have to say that this is extremely inexpensive, and I love that about wet n wild. I want to try the cream foundation from this Coverall line.

I got another tube of this mascara that I've tried before as well. It's very lengthening, and I've gotten some compliments on my lashes after using it. Again, it is very cheap, which I like.

So I was very excited to receive this foundation from Milani. I've heard a lot of great things about it and wanted to try it out. On Milani's website, this shade claims to be for "light skin with golden undertones". However, this was very dark and orangey. This shade would be more suitable for medium skin tones, in my opinion. I was very disappointed, but I appreciate that Milani has shades available for darker skin tones; I just wish they could have had a more accurate description.

I have been looking for a cruelty-free micellar water for the longest time, so when I saw this one from Pacifica in Ulta, I was excited. They have two other types of micellar water as well, but I wanted to try this one, which is for oily and blemished skin (aka my skin). This cuts through makeup very nicely, but it stung like hell! I'll probably try the other micellar waters just because I love Pacifica so much.

 Ulta was having a buy one get one half off sale so I picked up this walnut scrub. I've used it once and quite like it so far.

Finally, I got this brow pencil from Milani in the shade natural taupe. Although I have dark hair, when I wear light makeup, I like my brows to be lighter colored, or else I look very angry. Also, your screen isn't dirty, that's just my nasty bookshelf.

So that was everything I got, please let me know if you enjoy seeing hauls like this. I might do some more in-depth reviews of the products if I like or dislike them.

Thanks for reading!


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