Berlin 2015 | Reminiscing


Hello everyone!

First off, I'm so sorry for the absenceschool has been overwhelming and leaves me no time for blogging. I might be gone for a while until I come back with consistent content.

I hope November has been going well for you all; I've been having a rough couple of weeks but things are finally looking up. :)

I was editing an essay I wrote about the Neuschwanstein Castle, which I mentioned in this blog post (back in the non-vegan days), and it made me really miss being in Europe. I hope to return soon someday. ;_; Anyways, I was looking old photos from my trip and came across some photos from Berlin that I never got around to posting. There are still other photos that I took from Berlin, but they're on a different computer.

That's all for right now, thank you so much for reading. Fingers crossed I'll be back soon!


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