San Francisco Part II


Hi everyone,

This is part two of my trip to San Francisco last week. These two days my sister, mom, and I went on this beautiful hiking trail near the San Francisco Bay to find the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The trail was so beautiful and relaxing, since it was right by the ocean. The trail led to a rocky shore where we sat for a couple of minutes, enjoying the scenery. It was extremely windy, so if you are planning to hike around the bridge, be sure to dress warmly.

Later that day we went to the Golden Gate Park and walked around there for a bit. There seemed to be some kind of concert going on that day. From the park we were able to walk to the beach, but we did not stay there for long. It was far too windy compared to the first beach we had gone to earlier and sand was getting everywhere. So we went grocery shopping and went back home.

I bough some Tofurky sausages to try out, but I'm not sure if we cooked them correctly. They tasted very dry so I wouldn't recommend.

The next day, my mom and I went out to the bay once again and found a bike rental shop. We rented two bikes and biked along the bay. Biking along the bay was one of the most fun things I've ever done, as I love biking, and the scenery around us was so beautiful. We biked for around two hours then went to a little cafe called the Ben Thai cafe. I ordered some vegetarian Pad Thai (one of my favourite dishes which you can learn about here) which was very good. Afterwards we packed up our bags and headed to the airport.

This little trip was very fun and relaxing; I'm so thankful the weather was perfect all four days of the trip. I was so happy to see my sister and have a change of scenery. Prior to the trip I was feeling extremely stressed from school and tired of my surroundings. The trip was a nice change of scenery and hearing the ocean waves was very calming. I hope I can visit again soon.

That's all for my post today. Spring break has ended for me, so I'm back to focusing on school work. I'll try my best to keep updating as much as I can.

Thank you for reading!

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