Veganism and Skin


Hi everyone,

I haven't been updating my blog as much as I'd like, mainly because I've been lazy and procrastinating with my other work. But today, I thought I would finally make a blog post about some changes I've made to my life as well as some random tidbits.

For I believe a couple weeks now, I have been eating a vegan diet. Prior to this, I was eating a pescatarian diet for about a month. I was influenced by some great vegan YouTubers (Freelee the Banana Girl and Stella Rae) and making the change has been great. These past few days I've been limiting my fat intake. For the last couple of months, my skin has been absolutely terrible. I've had acne for many years now, but my skin was never as bad as it has been. I changed up my skincare and makeup products multiple times, but nothing was improving my skin. While doing research, I came across this video by Nina and Randa who are also vegan YouTubers. This led me to Dr. McDougall's diet advice for acne. Although I had been eating vegan and cut out all dairy, I was eating copious amounts of fats. I pretty much had some kind of oil in all of my meals. Because so much of my food contains oil, it is hard for me to completely eradicate all oil from my diet. So now I only have one meal a day that consisted of any fat. Typically, I usually have breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner. I only have fat in one of these meals. So I've been eating a lot more fruits, and I have noticed my skin getting better!

I broke my rule a few days ago when I ate two meals, one of which was extremely oily. However, making this change hasn't been too difficult for me. I might make some "What I Eat in a Day" posts for those who want some ideas for vegan food.

One thing I've been worried about is a trip that I'm making this summer to Taiwan and China. All of my family members who live there eat meat, so I'm a bit concerned that I won't be able to maintain my diet there with ease. We will also be eating out a lot, so I won't know exactly what is being used to cook my food. I've heard that there a lot of vegetarian restaurants in Taiwan, so hopefully I'll run into some. I'll also bring as many dates as I can to snack on in case there's nothing for me to eat.

After a few more weeks, I'll be sure to post an update on how my skin is doing. I've only been limiting my fat intake for a few days, so the results haven't been drastic. However, I have noticed my skin is definitely not getting as many new breakouts as it was before.

The next month is going to get really busy for me, as the end of the school year approaches. I've been a little stressed out these past few weeks because of dealing with school work, but I'm trying to improve my stress management skills. I think I'll make another blog post on this topic with links to interesting videos.

I've also been really obsessed with BTS! They're comeback, which I'm so excited for, is next month. They have some really nice songs with meaningful lyrics. I'm not Korean nor do I speak Korean so I can't understand what their saying, so English subtitles are the best. I'm also really excited for Ariana Grande's new album. I'm loving her song Be Alright right now.

That is everything that I'd like to talk about for this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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