Day in my Life #6


Hi everyone!

I'm back with another Day in my Life post.

1. I woke up and spent quite a while on my phone playing Line play. If any of you have an account, my name is mel. Add me as a friend!

2. I took a shower and got dressed to go eat with my dad. My mom is currently out of the country so life has been a little lonely with just the two of us. I used a CC cream sample that I got with my cleansing oil. A mini haul will be up soon!

3. We ate at a restaurant called Crabby Corner. We ordered mussels, fried chicken, and fries. We actually ended up ordering too much, just the mussels and chicken would've been enough. I ate the leftover chicken and fries for my dinner. :)

4. After lunch my dad and I went to this park we've never been to. As you can see from the pictures above, there were so many birds in the water! There were also turtles and fish in that lake/pond.

5. When we got back home I picked up after Gremlin in the yard. Not a very fun thing to do. I also gave her a shower while my dad was mowing the lawn. x)

6. I finally finished the drama "Angry Mom". It was really, really good. I might make a review of the drama...? I'm currently finishing Orange Marmalade (not as good). I'm also reading The Rose Society by Marie Lu. I will try to post a book review once I'm done. I'm enjoying it so far! I thought I did a review on the first book, but I can't find it.

7. I worked on some homework and now I'm working on this blog post. This is the first weekend I've had that was completely clear of any schedules. I've been feeling a little stressed about my lack of participation in extracurricular activities at school. :/ I often feel pressure to do more because the demands that college have.

So that was my day! Not too eventful, but it was a nice relaxing day. I have many new posts planned, including the rest of my travel blog posts.

Also, I wanted to talk about the tragedy that occurred in Paris. I honestly feel silly making a blog post about my life when such a devastating event happened just yesterday. My heart goes out to everyone who was affected by this tragedy. I was talking with a friend this morning about the event, and it just made me realize how little people care about things that don't directly affect them. I'm definitely guilty of this as well. But I hope everyone can put themselves in the position of the people who lost family members. I cannot even fathom how those families are feeling right not; my heart is broken for those who lost loved ones. It may not be much, but I am sending lots of love and positive thoughts to you all.

Thank you for reading. 

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