Day in my Life #5 + Updates


Hi guys!

Long time no see once again. I was going through my Pinterest and I had a sudden desire to make a quick blog post and talk to you guys. 

I'm so, so excited for fall (although technically it was supposed have to already happened...) and looking through the beautiful pictures of fall on Pinterest makes me miss it even more. It's finally cooling down where I live but it's definitely not cool. We're still in the 80s and it's not fun. I've still been wearing sweaters everyday because I'm in denial that it's not fall yet where I live and it's October.

My friend recently took a picture of my hair from the back and I thought I would show you guys because my hair color looks so much lighter from when I first got it colored about a month ago. (yes, I blurred out my friend's faces lol) My ends look kind of ratty, but its fine. D:

I'm really tired right now (it's 11:26 p.m. right now), so I'm going to go to sleep and finish this blog post so technically this is a "Days in my Life" post. 

Hey guys! I'm back after over a week. I'm so sorry for not updating for SO long. School has been pretty busy for me, so I've been behind on posts.

I really wanted to talk about Twice, the new girl group. I love their new song SO much! I was counting down the days before they debuted and I am so happy. If you haven't seen their music video, go check it out! In my opinion, their debut was the best debut in 2015. :)

Also, has anyone been watching Scream Queens? The new episode is being postponed till next week because of the baseball game. I am really looking forward to the next episode thought because (spoiler alert! turn back now!) I've seen in the teaser that Ariana Grande (Chanel #2) is making a comeback. So excited to see it! Maybe I'll start doing recaps of each episode? Or just talking about it in general.

So that is pretty much everything I wanted to talk about with you guys, this was supposed to be a Day in My Life blog, but it ended up being a bunch of random things compiled into one post.

Thanks for reading!

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