Hi everyone!

Sorry again for my absence. I was planning to do so many blog posts and didn't know where to start. I was going to do a review on Confess by Colleen Hoover but I read it so long ago I ended up forgetting a lot of the details.

So last weekend Gremlin ended up running out from my yard while I was playing on my phone. She wasn't wearing a collar at the time so I panicked. I was very scared that someone might have been driving by and just picked her up. I took my bike and looked around for her but couldn't find her. I was at this park when I saw this girl in her car driving by and her window was open so I asked her if she had seen a small black dog. She said she hadn't but could help me drive around and look for Gremlin. I was so grateful for her help and after a while she came driving back and Gremlin was with her.

I was so touched by her kindness especially since I had been looking for Gremlin for around an hour. I didn't even know this girl but she took time out of her schedule to help me, which I am so thankful for.

I guess what I'm trying to say through this blog post is that random acts of kindness can really help someone out. And always keep your dog's collar on! I often take off Gremlin's collar because I feel like it's uncomfortable for her. I've learned my lesson.

So that's all to this blog post I just wanted to share this little touch of kindness I experienced. Thanks for reading!

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