DIY Wall Photo String Collage


Hi everyone!

Today I'll be talking about how I made this photo collage. Also, sorry about the blurry pictures and bad lighting; it was a cloudy day. :P

I used two thumbnails and stuck them in my wall. I eyeballed the distance and the height from the ground when I placed the two pins. It would probably be better to use stickers as markers to know where to put your pins so your wall isn't covered in hole. Next I used the string that I got from Michael's and tied it around the pins. I kept the ends of the string short but you could tie the remainder into a bow or leave it hanging.

The little decorative clips I used to hang the pictures are from Marshall's I believe and have cute little designs. I've hung up some pictures I took with my Polaroid camera, a picture of my family, and a drawing of Finn and Jake my friend drew me. Here's a link to her Instagram account.

So that's pretty much it. It's very simple to do and is a great way to display photos. You could also add multiple strings of photos or play around with the shape of the string. I think adding some fairy lights would be really pretty as well.

Thanks for reading!

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