Hi everyone

This is my dog Gremlin. I've talked about her before on Etherealm but I've never introduced her here on Whimsical Daydreamer. All of the pictures were taken for Etherealm but I decided to put them in this post as well. ^_^

Gremlin is an Affenpinscher dog who is 7 years old. She's a very energetic and excitable little dog. She loves munching on food, going for walks, and getting her belly rubbed. Gremlin loves people and loves getting attention.

I've had Gremlin for three years and she is a very special little dog to me. She's so energetic and always cheers me up when I'm having an off day.

I will definitely be mentioning Gremlin a lot in my posts because we spend a lot of time together. If you have any questions about her, feel free to leave a comment. Also, be sure to check out this blog about I did about Gremlin on Etherealm.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about Gremlin!


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