Updates + My Birthday!


Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts! ;_; I got super busy and lazy, and I'm only getting around to blogging now. Today's blog post is about my birthday which was on September 4th.  This birthday was probably the best birthday I've ever had. I was able to spend time with my sister before she left so I was super grateful. My dad's birthday was two days ago and Gremlin's birthday is today! I'll (hopefully) have some posts up soon about the past week up soon.

My sister took me to a salon to dye my hair, as you can see from one of the photos above. I asked for an ashy blond balayage which looked like highlights at first. But my hair has actually gotten a lot lighter since that photo after washing. I celebrated my birthday with my family the day before my birthday because my sister was leaving on my birthday. I'm so thankful to her for planning everything out.

The next day I had to go to school which is not ideal but thankfully my birthdays was on a Friday so I had the weekend to look forward too.

I didn't do much over the weekend partly because I had to go to SAT class on Saturday. My friend's birthday was actually last Saturday, which is pretty cool. On Labor Day my family and I went to the beach with Gremlin. I'll try to get a blog post up with some pictures as soon as possible.

Not much has been happening but I just haven't been able to find time to work on blog posts. I wanted to give you guys a quick update before I get more blog posts up.

That's all for today! Thanks so much for reading.

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