Xixi National Wetland Park | Hangzhou Part III


Hi everyone!

This post draws an end to my summer travels. I meant to put up this post much earlier, but there were other posts that I wanted to publish first.

A couple days before our departure from Hangzhou, my grandpa wanted to take my dad and me to Xixi National Wetland Park. My grandpa had never been, so he wanted to check it out. Several buses later (and getting lost along the way), we arrived at the park. Located in the west part of Hangzhou, the park features a variety of vegetation and plants as well as many oriental buildings. Along the river, there are several villages we stopped at. In these villages, there are places to eat and also learn more about ancient Chinese culture.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the various stops we stopped at during my time in Taiwan and Hangzhouthis was an extremely memorable trip, and I'm so thankful I had this opportunity to see more of Asia.

Thanks for reading!


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