Last Week of Summer


Hi everyone!

First off, I'm so sorry for my unplanned hiatusI was drowned in summer work and recently started school. I might be absent again for an extended period of time, but I really want to step up my blogging game and not only produce better content but also update on a regular basis.

I am taking a photography class this year, which will hopefully help me take higher quality photos. I don't really know anything about photography at this pointI just randomly take photos. But, after a couple of months, hopefully you can expect to see better content from me. :) I will still keep it casual though.

So exactly a week ago from today, I took my permit test and (thankfully) passed. I think I only missed one or two problems. Even so, my heart was pounding while I was taking the testI was so scared of failing. But, I made it and need to sign up for some classes so I can start practicing driving!

On that same day, I took Gremlin on a run/walk (I've been doing some slow jogging which is really enjoyable for me), and we sat in a park enjoying the evening breeze. The atmosphere was so refreshing! It was a nice way to spend the last weekday of my summer break.

The next day my sister and her fiance had flown in to visit. My sister's fiance and I went on a 2 mile walk to catch Pokemon and defeat gyms. By the end of the walk I seriously regretted it (Gremlin was pooped and I had to carry her back), but it was a fantastic bonding experience. 

I downloaded the game about  month after its release even though I had heard about it so many times. I didn't want to get addicted, but I caved and downloaded the app. Today my parents and I visited Laguna Beach (which I'll be posting about hopefully soon), and I got to catch some really cool Pokemon. Before today, I hadn't touched the app in days because I had been so busy with schoolwork. But, there were so many Pokestops in Laguna Beach that I couldn't resist, haha.

The next day I went to volunteer at an animal shelter early in the morning and played with the cats. I take care of the dogs but I love petting the kittens. That week there were so many kittens in the shelter, and they were all so friendly. They climbed all over me, and it was heaven. :)

That day also happened to be my sister's fiance's birthday so we went out to eat at a Japanese restuarant. I ordered a veggie roll and veggie tempura, which were amazing.

And that sums up my last week of summer break. I was so anxious over returning to school, but now that I'm in the groove of things, I've already adjusted my schedule around school. Again, I'm so sorry for not posting for so longI will definitely have some new content coming your way soon.

Thanks for reading!


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