Finally Summer


Hi everyone,

Once again, it has been a long time since I've made a blog post. I'm really sorry for the infrequent updates. I'm going to make it a priority to update this blog frequently over the summer.

Speaking of which, it's finally summer! Thank goodness. Well technically I have two more days of school. But the end is coming close. Ever since the start of this semester I have been nonstop stressed about school work. After I managed to raise one grade, another would drop, and I'd always have something to stress about.

At the beginning of this year I mentioned that I had wanted to take part in an internship. But, sadly, I didn't get in. But I'm not too sad as I have a lot of things I'm planning to do this summer. Not to mention, I'll be traveling to Asia this week. I plan to make some blog posts about packing, and of course, I will also be posting photos of my travels.

I still haven't finished my blog posts about my trip to Europe from last year. I'm debating whether or not I should finish off the series or just leave it since it has been almost a year since that trip. I'll definitely have to stay on top of my travel posts for my Asia trip!

I also plan on making some vegan recipe posts. Last year I made a post about making tacos, and I would like to recreate that recipe using vegan ingredients. What do you guys think?

So that is everything I wanted to update. Again, I apologize for the lack of posts. Be sure to look forward for my next posts. :)

Thank you for reading.

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