Derma Trouble Spot Patch Review


Hi everyone!

Today I'll be reviewing the Derma Trouble Spot Patch kit from AC Dew. I got this product quite a long time ago when I was in South Korea. It costs about 20 USD and comes with 24 patches and a gel that is supposed to brighten the skin. The patches come in different sizes for different sized blemishes.

The patch is supposed to protect the pimple from bacteria and draw out the pus from a white head.

I had a whitehead on my upper lip area that I tested the patch on. I put it on for around 10 hours. The next morning when I took the patch off, the white head came off. The patch did leave a little mark where the blemish was after I took it off.

I like this product, but it doesn't remove the spot with no scar left behind. I think it is better to use a patch like this rather than popping the pimple. Make sure you don't take the patch off prematurely because it won't be effective. It's also better to use the patches on pimples that have whiteheads, as it wouldn't be too effective with cysts.

Overall, I don't think I would repurchase this product, although I liked it. I didn't feel like the cream it came with was that effective, and for 24 patches, 20 dollars for this product is not the best deal. However, I do really like the patches and will probably try some other patches from other brands.

Thanks for reading!

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